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Date: Sun May 30 19:48:22 1999

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File     1: Page Title:  SAS User Groups
==> File     1: Keywords:  BASAS,VALSUG,VIEWS UK,European,VIEWS Challenge
File     2: Page Title:  sas_tips
==> File     2: Keywords:  Consulting,Techniques,PW,Samples, transfer,MS Excel,convert,MS Access,ssa,statistical,application, coding,SAS programming,topics,OLE Automation
File     3: Page Title:  Links for Statisticians
==> File     3: Keywords:  statistics,Virtual Library,IASC,ASA,statlib, uicstat,Carnegie Mellon University,Cologne,Koeln,York Statistical Consulting, Service,hints,calculator,journal,mathematical,resume, opportunities,permanent position,Employer,job,Announcement, Comparison of Programs
File     4: Page Title:  Search in SAS related Newsgroups
==> File     4: Keywords:  no keywords
File     5: Page Title:  Search Arnold Schick's SAS Pages
==> File     5: Keywords:  no keywords
File     6: Page Title:  Other Macro and Program Resources
==> File     6: Keywords:  no keywords
File     7: Page Title:  Arnold Schick's SAS Pages
==> File     7: Keywords:  The SAS System, SAS Conferences, SAS Tips, Statistician, Statistics, SAS Macros, SAS Programs, statistical

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