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S A S tips
Wood Street Consulting (UK) - SAS Tips & Techniques
SAS® Tips and Samples by PW Consulting BV
Transfer data from MS-Excel to SAS within MS-Windows
Tips for the transfer and converting data between MS-Access and SAS
Helpful computing hints and statistical applications with SAS by the Sacramento Statistical Association (SSA)
Howard Seltman's SAS Page
SAS Coding Tips and Techniques by Charles Patridge
OLE automation of the SAS System in Windows 95/NT
Additional SAS Topics at University of Southwestern Louisiana
SAS at MIT: Technical Tips
List of programming techniques and answers of frequently asked programming questions (by examples)
find 2000: uncover Year 2000 problems in SAS
Qualex - Find2000 - SAS Year 2000 Search Tool
SAS by Qualex
  At SAS.Masses, there are resources for SAS users, which want to get more out of the SAS System and want to share her or his knowledge base; this site also provides the SAS Tip of the Week

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