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SAS Macros and Programs

SAS macros, provided by the University of Heidelberg in Germany.
The UICSTAT SAS Program Archive.
On-line Samples at CISEL
Generalized Estimating Equation GEE, based on the macro by Karim and Zeger, modified and extended to incomplete and heteroscedastic data by Ulrike Groemping.
Kaplan-Meier Bootstrap Estimate of the Survivor Function (Paul Johnson).
Macro programs by Michael Friendly: "The SAS System for Statistical Graphics". And more SAS Macro Programs by him. Index of Samples.
SAS Macros for Data Warehousing by Roger DeAngelis.
Would you like to produce PROC TABULATE output for HTML? Please click on Thom Kunselman's site.
John Hendrickx: SAS macro programs (design matrix techniques, multinominal conditional logistic regression).
SAS for Neural Networks Macros, SAS Macro for testing homogeneity of variances in Oneway ANOVA models by University Computing Services at University of Southern California (UCS).
List of programming techniques and answers of frequently asked programming questions (by examples).
CISER Data Archive at Cornell University, Ithaca.
Hints to SCL: "Screen Control Language" Stephen Price & Robert Adams.
Statistical Macros from SAS Institute Inc.
Index of SAS programs related to Statistics by SAS Institute Inc., frequently asked questions about that index.
Index of SAS programs and utilities related to Graphics by SAS Institute Inc.
Index of macros and programs from the publication Observations by SAS Institute Inc.
SAS Coding Tips and Techniques by Charles Patridge.
Subsetting and Resampling in SAS.
Other usefull macros.
frequently asked questions about Macro Facility by SAS Institute Inc.