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Windows 95  

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   Windows95 OSR2
List Files,   particularly for ODBC:
Interactive Troubleshooter Windows 95
Service Pack 1, Note that after installing Internet Explorer 4.0, installation or reinstallation of Service Pack 1 is not recommended.
Add-On Components for different language versions
Updates System
CD-ROM Extras   Administration Tools (Utilities including Network Tools and Application Tools). CD-ROM Extras include additional files that are on the CD-ROM version of Windows® 95 but not on the floppy disk version.
DirectX Drivers: DirectPlay, DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectSound, DirectInput
for Installing
Can't Install Windows 95? We Can Help!
Installing a Server-Based Windows 95 Setup
Coexistence with Windows NT (Triple Boot: Windows NT, Windows 95, and MS-DOS)
To run several different languages versions of Windows® 95 on one machine.
Sprachversionen parallel installieren
Dual Boot
Lange Dateinamen im Novell-Netz
File Manager displays an incorrect date for files created with a date of 01-01-2000 or later. There is a fix.
Uninstalling Windows 95
CD-ROM driver problems?
Power Toys (include Tweak UI)
Kernel Toys
Registry Clean 4.1a
Knowledge Base Articles
     find Knowledge Base Article, if ID is known
Printing in Windows 95
Shareware Pick of the Week
Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2 (Win95b)
WinSite's Windows 95 Directories
Corporate Desktop Evaluation Online Information Center
Fonts, special characters for equations and fractions. Euro Currency Support for some Fonts.
Tools  Resource Kit by Microsoft Press
Personal Web Server (PWS)
HTML Special Effects for Windows 95
Microsoft Windows Scripting Host (WSH)
Securityfor Users connected to the Internet
Drivers collected by
Drivers collected by
Drivers Windows 95 Help File
List of annoying "features" of Windows® 95 by Creativelement, and workarounds for most of them.
provided by Microsoft