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Index of files, articles, product links, networks about Windows® 95, which is maintained by digitalNATION
Windows® 95 Headquarters on Internet
List of annoying "features" of Windows® 95, and workarounds for most of them
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Collected Windows95 Software by Creativelement
Bob Cerelli's Windows® 95 Page
Configuring for TCP/IP
Actual video adapters and monitor card drivers for using in Windows® 95
Windows Upgrades, Bug Fixes, Service Packs and Free Downloads
Inside Windows 95
The Windows 95 QAID (Question Answer Information Database) compiled by Mike Dixon
Shareware and Freeware Products for Windows 95,
a choice by Microsoft
Frank Condron's World O'Windows:
       News about Windows 95
Windows Internet Magazine
Informative Windows® 95 Seiten mit Software-Links von Roland Sander
Microsoft Deutschland GmbH's Windows® 95 Seite
Randy's Windows95 Resource Center
Windows 95 Central Home Page
Harris' Hanger95 New Edition
Win95 Tip Center
Weekly tip service by ZDTips
Cool Tips for MS Windows 95
SmartTools - SmartTip der Woche