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    Instructions      Perl Administrator Tools
The Perl Adminisrtator Tools consist of several Perl scripts and related HTML Web pages. The Perl scripts are count Arabic from script 1 up to script 3, and the related HTML Web pages count by Roman digits: Start Page I and Start Page II with and without JavaScript Cookie.

These scripts and HTML pages list keywords from the META TAG, the page titles and create an index file for the SiteSearch JavaScript or a complete search page of all Web documents from within a subdirectory.

To use Start Page I, there are to install the Perl scripts 1 and 2 into the Web server's /cgi-bin/ directory with file-extenstion .cgi and the Start Page I is to save as HTML document with filename  collect.html   or  collect.htm  into your home directiory which must be accessible by the local Web server. If i.e.  c:\myweb is defined as home on the local Web server as the default, than you can reach all files from that directory by the Web browser, and the  collect.html  or  collect.htm    file with Start Page I by the address on the Web browsers location line:

          http://localhost/collect.html     or

The local Web server must be installed and configurated, and must have access to the Perl interpreter which must also be installed on your local machine (with correct DOS-PATH in the  path  Statement of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file).

If so, the Web server must be invoked and started before the Web browser can find and show you the Start Page I from the local home directory in the main window of the browser via  http://localhost  or  . There is than to fill out the form and than to click the  List  button to start the related Perl script on the Web server. The result from the processed Perl script will be returned to your Web browser. The index file and the search page will be created and saved on your local machine depending from the paths, filenames, and filetypes you typed-in or have been selected. All files with selected filetypes from the typed-in local Work Subdirectory will be processed.

Every Perl script has an explaination part at the top of the script self; no cpan-lib modules are neccessary to run.

The off-line use of the Perl scripts on a Command-Line is possible but not for using by beginners.

Now, Start Page II without JavaScript Cookie needs the Perl script 1, script 2, and script 3, and also a small HTML page as explained there with one FORM element and a Web link.

Start Page II with JavaScript Cookie needs Perl script 1 and script 2, and the HTML Page js_start.html .