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    Instructions    Start Page II

        get Start Page

Prepare an HTML document with the following FORM and Link. The Start Page will be send by using of that Perl script from /cgi-bin/ subdirectory at the Web server:

<FORM name="start" action="/cgi-bin/start.cgi" method="post">
<INPUT type=hidden name=anfang value="start Page">

<A HREF="javascript:document.start.submit();">get Start Page</A>


Within this Perl script is to define a temporary file on your local server with read and write access. The default for that file is  c:\tmp\js_tmp.dat  defined on the top part of the Perl script is assigned to variable $temp_file. If the directory  c:\tmp  does not exists, no informations are hold. The  small file  c:\tmp\js_tmp.dat  holds the information from the Start Page:

  Names of used local Work Subdirectories
  Names of used Virtual Server Paths
  Names of used Index Files

After reload or submit of the Start Page II include the selection menus previous selected informations. These can be new selected in any combination for future listings or creating of SiteSerach Pages. Clicking the  Refresh button reloads the Start Page II and updates the selection lists.

Needed Perl scripts for Start Page II :
    key.cgi     (script 1)
    spage.cgi   (script 2)

The JavaScript Cookie version of the Start Page II updates the selection menu list after refreshing the HTML page with Refresh button. The Cookies are best during 365 days and are saved to the user's Web browser Cookie file, not on the Web server.

Needed Perl scripts for Start Page II with JavaScript Cookie:
    key.cgi     (script 1)
    spage.cgi   (script 2)