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There are Perl tools to build an index for the JavaScript SiteSearch Engine and to admin files for a Web site.

The index is built by using the meta tags:

<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="keyword1, keyword2,...">


<META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Your Name">

and the title from the <TITLE></TITLE> tag in the <HEAD> section of every processed Web document stored in a local subdirectory.

If you are familiar with a Web server or have some knowledge on Perl, you should try these Perl scripts. These Perl scripts were written by me and can be used online with a local Web server and Perl, or offline only with Perl.

A Web server, like OmniHTTPd is to install on a local machine (PC, Win95/98, WinNT) and Perl5 for Win32 to use these tools online. Or only Perl5 for offline use.

If the Web server is installed properly and it works well with external scripts for the filetypes '.pl' and '.cgi' and the Web server can launch the Perl interpreter and both Perl scripts are located in your '/cgi-bin' directory, you can use the start page of the tools.

On selecting the offline use of the Perl scripts follow the instructions within the Perl scripts (the posted parameters are to set at the top within the scripts and both scripts can be started on the command line).  

Well, if it functions:

the created index file can be inserted on index section within the JavaScript SiteSearch there, i.e. the produced external index file "my_keywords.js" with the statements:

    // Initialization Section for the Index    -->
    <!-- should be a comment line -->
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" src="my_keywords.js"></SCRIPT>
    <!-- should be a comment line -->
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

The existing index in that section of the JavaScript SiteSearch source is than to remove until there.

Otherwise, the produced index file can be inserted too in the JavaScript SiteSerarch source section by an ASCII editor, like Notepad.

   There is now a modified  2nd  Perl script which does it automatically with the first one together. Both Perl scripts can create one complete JavaScript SiteSearch HTML page. The processed Web document index is included within the SiteSearch script and it's created a usable search page HTML document, like search.html.