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SAS Macro Collection

Welcome to SAS macro collection!

On this site here, SAS macros are listed, which were developed in the frame of applications at the University of Marburg, Germany by Arnold Schick. All SAS macros provided on this page are free but are at the user's own risk. They are tested with data which is included as SAS comments at the bottom of the source in every macro. Every macro is provided "as it is". If you find an error condition, please reply. Thanks!

One SAS macro will be prepared to call, simply in SAS by including the macro's source (as provided in the following list) into the program editior PGM of SAS, and by submitting of the included macro source with the submit command button. Thereafter, within the SAS's PGM, you can apply by calling the macro using its name and your own data in the same SAS session. In addition, there are also other methods which use macros in SAS.

This list is sorted alphabetically by macronames. The scope of application, the date and size information are also given.

If you have installed the SAS Plagin on your Web browser and the SAS System version 6.11 and above on your PC client within Windows 95, you can do this:

   Name     Date    Size
 Description  Open into PGM, or Submit with SAS Plagin
. 07-Aug-95 6   Calculates main points and areas within limited areas, like a map .
. 20-May-96 3.5   Calculates the arithmetical row and column mean .
. 07-Aug-95 2   Converts cartesian coordinates into polar .
. 17-Jan-96 3   Selects data from within one data set .
. 07-Aug-95 6   Calculates the parametric function F(x) from F(x) .
. 07-Aug-95 4   Calculates the parametric function F(x,y) from F(x,y) .
. 20-May-96 4   Calculates the geometric row and column mean .
. 07-Aug-95 1   Draws line of identity to given data .
. 07-Aug-95 12   Calculates the parametric function F(x) from F(x) (Integral) .
. 07-Aug-95 1   Searches minimal and maximal value within a data set and produces a simply SAS note .
. 17-Jan-96 4   Searches nearest neighbours .
. 22-Aug-95 7   Searches nearest neighbours around a given value .
. 07-Aug-95 2   Converts polar coordinates into cartesian .
. 07-Aug-95 8   Calculates a parametric function F(x) from F(x) without interpolation quickly (Integral) .
. 07-Aug-95 1   Prepares a data set to plot as a star-ray plot .
. 07-Aug-95 3   Creates an annotate data set for comment on remarking upon a plot .
. 07-Aug-95 3   Scales data to given ranges or, by default to [0-1|0-1] .
. 07-Aug-95 3   Scales the data to given ranges or, by default to [0-1|0-1|0-1] .
. 07-Aug-95 1   Interpolates function-values y=F(x) with proc g3grid .
. 07-Aug-95 9   Fits a parametric function with SAS/IML function SPLINE .
. 10-Jun-96 3.5   Adds variable-rows and/or column data .
. 07-Aug-95 5   Transforms data into desired value's ranges .
. 30-Aug-96 0.3   Checks macro parameter's type (numeric or character) .
. 24-Aug-95 6   Relocates USA and CA borders of states and provinces on one map (using in proc gmap) .

1996, Arnold Schick

There are additional SAS macros and programs, provided by SAS users worldwide.

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