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Links ... for more concerning the SAS System:
PW Consulting
The SAS Programmer Resources
Statistical services related to frequently asked questions (provided by UT-Austin Computation Center at University of Texas)
Introduction to SAS
SAS Macro Facility
Frequently asked Questions also to the SAS System
Frequently asked Questions maintained by Cornell University
Frequently asked Questions maintained by SAS Institute Technical Support
DBMS/Enginestm, turn SAS into a Database Independent Package.
AInstaller by Karsten Heitmann, making the installation of any SAS/AF application on the end users PC as a breeze
EXPORTER is a SAS/AF application that allows the export of SAS datasets to Excel, MS-Word, and ASCII.
Transfer data from MS-Excel to SAS within MS-Windows
Tips for the transfer and converting data between MS-Access and SAS
Technical Archive by Trilogy Consulting Corporation
SAS at University of Southern California
Wood Street Consulting (UK) - SAS Tips & Techniques
Accessing SAS® Data without using SAS Code
SAS Information Guides at Loyola University Chicago
The SAS System for the Macintosh
SAS for Linux
SAS Links collected by
SAS Site by Charles Patridge
Interfacing SAS and the Web? There are some examples
SAS Observations. The Technical Journal for SAS Software Users home page.
Complete text (no pictures) of the U.S. version of SAS Communications for the last 2-3 years is available as ZIP and TXT files online from the SAS Institute's Web site.
There, you can provide your SAS related resume, if you are looking for a position
Data Warehousing Career Newsletter
SAS related contract opportunities and permanent positions