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Concerning Microsoft software product support, you can get a list of phone numbers with the hotline numbers. For enquiries the serial-number of the licensed Microsoft software product is required. Worldwide --outside the United States/Canada, please look for a phone number there:
Microsoft's Web Presence in Europe
Hier gibt es deutsche Web-Seiten von Microsoft mit Informationen zu Microsoft Software Produkten
Microsoft AIC at TecO: Academic Internet Center at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany,  is focussed on support for schools, developing model software configurations, testing typical scenarios and providing installation guidance
Microsoft Internet Call Center (ICC), the Telecooperation Office at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Microsoft Academic Cooperatives. At the Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany, look up here: .
FLOWSERV: a server with several projects in various areas of research and engineering work, integrated in cooperation to Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, Vertrieb Forschung und Lehre.
Bill Gates' Web Site
The Jumpo! - Unclassified: Microsoft SoftLib Archive
Drivers for: modems, printers, networking cards, CD-ROMs, PCMCIA cards, soundcards, hard drives, scanners, faxes, mouse, video cards, controller(I/O) cards, Optical drives, tape drivers, Video Capture, Monitors, SCSI, MPEG, Windows 95, Workgroups, DOS, Novell Netware, Windows NT, Unix, periphery, and much more!
Drivers, specifically for 32 bit operating systems, like Windows 95 or Windows NT
Windows Upgrades, Bug Fixes, Service Packs and Free Downloads
The Andover News Network: Microsoft Watch
The Andover News Network: Windows Watch
Microsoft's MSN Network board on Internet
The #1 online Encyclopedia and Search Engine dedicated to Computer Technology
Site for Mac-Fans by Denis Ahrens  
Macintosh Computing Services