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    actual Notes    Perl Administrator Tools
If you use Apace Web Server Version 1.3.1 for Win32, use the directive: #!perl at the top of all Perl Scripts and not:   #!/usr/bin/perl  as offerred in the Perl Scripts here running on Web Server OmniHTTPd for Windows 32Bit platforms Win95/98/2000/NT,

There was a bug on Start Page II with JavaScript Cookies. The input field entries of the Start Page were not all saved to the Cookie file of the browser. This HTML page with the included JavaScript is now corrected and works also well in Microsoft's browsers, and other browsers with version > 4.0,

There was a bug with IE 5.0 and the produced search page. The generated FORM for the search page was incorrect for that Microsoft Internet Explorer new version 5.0. That browser crashes after submit of the FORM. It's now fixed in version 3.0 of the SiteSearch JavaScript,

There is no permission to use that SiteSearch JavaScript or the Perl Administrator Tools on sites with adult material.

Selecting of wanted files for the index is now implemented in version 2.2  and above
 (29. May 1999)

There is now a modified  2nd  Perl script which does indexing and creating a page search.html automatically together with the first Perl script. Both Perl scripts can create a complete JavaScript SiteSearch HTML page. The processed Web document index is included within the SiteSearch script and it's created a usable search page HTML document, like search.html.

The Name of Virtual Subdirectory at the Web Server in the input field on the start page will be used always on the created index file.

The Name of Virtual Subdirectory at the Web Server in the input field on the start page is the relative pathname of the indexed Web files to that subdirectory on your Web site where the search page  search.html  is located.  Best is all-in-one, than you have nothing to type-in in this input field (discard the default slash there).

The Name of Virtual Subdirectory at the Web Server in the input field on the start page for your used Web files at the Web server is in example:


if your home page address is    and the SiteSearch page  search.html   is   >>not<<   resided there in this virtual server subdirectory.

At, you have no virtual subdirectory normally, the home page address is:

and all Web files reside in one directory there and in the input field on the start page is nothing to type-in, also no slash, also no   ~your_name   or also no   /~your_name. The search page can be checked on a local machine before sending it to your member files at -if you create/save/copy the search.html  page to your indicated local Work Subdirectory.

The character tilde ~ can be used in the input field on the relative Path Name of the Virtual Subdirectory for your Web Files at the Web Server

You can also use the produced page with file listing as table of content (TOC) of your Web files.