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This JavaScript offers a possibility to build an individual index for a Web site and establish a SiteSearch to enter keywords to look up on the index for search without CGI or other programs which are to execute on Web servers. Only, JavaScript should be enabled on the visitor's Web browser.

This SiteSearch JavaScript was originally written by Darryl Stoflet in 1996/97 for Nestcape version 2. I've found it on his Web site but his site not active at present. Then, that JavaScript was extended and modified for Netscape 3.0 and Microsoft's InternetExplorer (IE) 4.0 by me.

This Fast SiteSearch JavaScript has now the version number 5 which runs in Netscape version 4.0 and later, in Microsoft's IE 4.0 and later, and all other compatible Web browser which have JavaScript  enabled.

The Perl Administrator Tools for the version 5 of the Fast SiteSearch JavaScript will be upgrade in the future as soon as possible.