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    download          Fast SiteSearch JavaScript Engine

You can download all needed scripts and an example as zip archive file:  (size: 1.6 MByte)

This example includes a complete photo gallery with 52 images and a search to that. Therefore, the zip files has a size of 1.6 MByte. If you want a smaller download file, see below.

Unzip the downloaded file with its files into a new local directory and read instruction within search.html.  The photo gallery will be unzipped into a subdirectory gallery/ . In the main directory will be unzipped the search page search.html  and the index file my_index.js .

The pages search.html  or gallery/index.html  could be loaded into the Web browser to start.

The needed sources for a Fast SiteSearch JavaScript Engine without an example could be downloaded there (only with files: my_index.js, search.html, background and pointer images and readme.html with instructions):          (size: 12 KByte)