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Visual C++
Visual InterDev
Windows 32-bit SDK/DDK
Visual Studio
Visual SourceSafe
Visual Test
OLE Programming
frequently asked questions Learning Edition
  frequently asked questions Professional Edition
    frequently asked questions Enterprise Edition
List Files
Visual C++ 5.0 is part of VisualStudio 97 Professional, and there is Visual Studio's actual Service Pack.
Differences between Enterprise, Professional, and Learning Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ Buglist and Fixlist
Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) Bug and Fix Articles
Microsoft ISAPI Files
Microsoft System Developer Kit  (win3.x )
Quadralay's C++ Archive
Good starting point for getting information about the C++ language
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming using C++
Ask the C++ Pro
Programming Win32
Visual C++ 5 Power Toolkit for Windows 95 & Windows NT
Stringray MFC Classes Libraries
Table of Contents for
  FAQs on C++
Runtime Libraries
DevCentral Tutorials,
MFC & Win32 Programming: