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Other Software Resources by Different Subjects

On this page, you will find links to additional software products other than Microsoft Software Products.
The Macmillan Books & Software Library.
ASK Karlsruhe (Germany) offers a software database SISY for academic use.
The following site offers a collection of known software in its Archives and Libraries and maybe you can find what you are looking for.
There is Jumpo! - Unclassified: Microsoft SoftLib Archive. Software Archive
ZD Net.
ZD U:  ZD University. 
ZDNet Software Library - Download top-rated shareware, freeware, demos and more.
Looking for social science (information technology) software? Try SIByl: The Social Science Software Information Bank of iec ProGAMMA with its search tool.
STATGRAPHICS Plus for Windows, Windows 95 and Windows NT by Manugistics Inc..
This site offers ViSta software, a Visual Statistics System.
There is free and shareware software on the   WalnutCreek CDROM.
This page contains links to commercial application software.
Der Internet Software-Shop der ASK/ASKnet.
Software for Windows (all versions): 
On that site, there are many links of resources for programmers: The Ultimate Developer's Resource Site.
Scientific Computing and Mathematical Software References.
Support and examples for C/C++, Pascal, HTML, PERL, JAVATM -JavaBoutique, JavaScript, CGI, ISAPI and more, look up at this site.
Delphi Multimedia & Graphical Components and Delphi related links. There is the Delphi Source.
Software Engineering Archives.
Go to Gamelan site for links to the best Java and JavaScript on the Web.
Calculators, On-Line on the Internet.
Web Tools from AOL.
Watch/Schedule Dial-Up Networking by Dunce or NetLaunch.
And finally, there is the Netlib Repository, a collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases.